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Friday, November 15, 2019

Views From My Car

I love adventure and capturing the uniqueness of each adventure, whether at home or out on the road! I love to take the unknown road and see where it takes me and then see if I can get back home without a map. It is on trips like these where I have learned to see the unusual, the old, the new, the beauty and the familiarness of my beloved state, Texas.

All of my outdoor photos are taken from my car, yes, you heard me right, they are taken from my car either out of a window or from the moon roof. I take most of my pictures from my car because I have a few rare genetic disorders which makes it hard for me to get out of my car and walk around very much.

I hope that you enjoy my quirky photos and art and I hope they inspire you to go out and see what all is picture-worthy in your life.

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All photographs are copyrighted by Amy Hosp.

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Education info about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome can be found at Genes That Don't Fit:

Books by Amy:

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome With Liberty The Dog: Liberty the Ehlers Danlos Dog Liberty, an Emotional Support Dog, Helps You Explain Ehlers Danlos Syndrome to Others.
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Collection of Sketches For Reaching Out To the Hurting and Lost
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Views From My Car
Paperback and E-Book

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